Frequently Asked Questions                    Troubleshooting



ISSUE. When I attempt to log in to the online application form, it says "The email address or password you have entered is incorrect. Please retype them, or register if you have not created an account." But I am entering my e-mail and password correctly.

SOLUTION. The quickest way to get around this problem is to re-set your password. Simply click the blue "Forgot your password?" directly below the password field. This will open a box prompting you to type in your e-mail. Once you do this, click "Send Reset Link." The system will send further instructions to the e-mail that you entered.


ISSUE: When I attempt to submit my application, I receive the following message: “Error: These fields are missing values or have invalid values: * Financial Disclosure – Tax Forms is required.” I wanted to submit my application online and and physically mail in my tax forms, but I cannot seem to be about to submit the application without the tax forms.

SOLUTION: Select the drop-down menu (the long and skinny rectangular box) just below the Financial Disclosure Form section and set of instructions. This box appears immediately below the following text: “International Applicants whose tax returns aren’t in English must send a line by line English translation or the application will be incomplete.”

In this drop-down menu, you have the option of selecting either “Uploading Tax Forms – See Upload Button Below” OR “Sending by mail or other Carrier by Dec 15th 2015, Deadline.” Select the option that fits the method you will be sending your tax forms. You should now be able to submit your application.


ISSUE: I am trying to fill out the financial form of the application, and am entering a zero in a field in which I do not have income. It won’t let me submit my form, and tells me those income fields are empty.

SOLUTION: Try entering 0.00 instead of a single zero (0) for these fields.


ISSUE: I have created an account and want to start my application, I see something at the top regarding an access code. How do I get an access code?

SOLUTION: You do not need an access code to apply to the 2016 Individual Support grant program. Please ignore this and simply click on the title of the application for which you want to apply and you will be directed to the application form.



Tax Returns.

A common mistake is not submitting a complete tax return or submitting a filing summary mailed back from the tax authorities instead of a copy of the complete tax return. Examples include only sending the first pages of a return and not all the accompanying schedules, or submitting a filing summary mailed back from the tax authorities and not the actual complete copy of the form that is sent to the tax authorities. We require a copy of the complete tax return; submitting anything less will result in the application being considered incomplete and ineligible for review. We require that all documentation be submitted in English. For International applicants, tax returns that are not in English must be translated into English. A complete and separate line by line translation included with the original document should suffice. Some applicants fail to submit the translation or submit a translation of the document but do not include the original. These applications are not eligible for review.


.jpeg Images & Image List.

Jpeg images of the applicant’s work should be saved according to the detailed instructions on the application. An accompanying image list must also be submitted. Applications may be considered incomplete if image list does not include:

- The artist’s name at the top and for each work, numbered 1 through 40
- The media, dimensions, and year of each work.
- Images must be numbered and arranged chronologically from earliest to most recent.

When in doubt about any of the requirements, please contact the Foundation for further information and clarification.