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The application for the Gottlieb Foundation 2018 Individual Support Program will be made available on September 1st, 2017.

Applications for both of our grant programs are available online. Once the application is available, interested applicants may log in and create a profile to begin the application.

Please note that the new process allows an applicant to work on the application over time. All completed sections and any supplemental uploaded or attached materials are saved automatically on the application, and can be reviewed and revised by the applicant until the application is submitted. The deadline for the 2018 Individual Support Grant program is December 15, 2017. Complete applications and any supplementary materials must be submitted before midnight of this date.

Applications for the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant program are available online and there is no deadline for this application. Please visit our Emergency Grant page and select the link to the application.

Applications must be submitted using our online application process. We do not accept hand delivered applications. We do allow applicants the option of submitting financial documentation by mail or other carrier (i.e. Federal Express). In that event, we rely on the postmark or carrier’s receipt to verify that submissions to the Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Program were sent on or by the deadline.

Typically, final decisions are announced in mid-April.

No. As of April 2015 we have switched to an online application. We review and update the application forms annually; only current application forms may be submitted.

No. There is no preference given to genre, media, or subject matter, so long as the work is painting, printmaking or sculpture, or can be directly interpreted as such.

Applicants who did not receive an award from the Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Program may re-apply every year. Recipients of this grant must wait one year after receiving their grant before reapplying. Please note that as of the 2018 Grant Cycle, applicants who have previously received an Individual Support grant from the Foundation three times or more are no longer eligible to apply for this grant program.

Applicants for the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant may apply for and receive assistance only once per situation. Unsuccessful applicants are not eligible to reapply for the same emergency situation. However, in the event of an unrelated and different catastrophic incident, artists may apply again for this program within a calendar year.

You may apply for both programs at once, within the restrictions outlined above.

The Foundation’s grant programs are open to both US based and International artists. US citizenship or residency is not required.

Maturity is based on a high level of intellectual, technical and creative proficiency that has been maintained over time. It is based less on an applicant’s age than on the development of and commitment to an artist’s work that has progressed over time. For the Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Program we rely on the visuals included with the application to provide evidence that an artist has been producing mature work for at least 20 years. For the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant we contact several professional references who can provide information about an artist’s body of work and career over time.

If you have any additional questions please e-mail Sheila Ross:

JPEGs should be arranged chronologically, starting with earliest image to most recent.

JPEGs are viewed one at a time, as projections.

Images must be 72dpi, with a maximum height of 768px and a maximum width of 1024px. Note: Our application lists file sizes in MiB, which refers to "mebibytes." One mebibyte is equivalent to 1.04 megabytes. So long as your files adhere to the specifications enumerated here, your files should be well under 1 mebibyte in size.

This information is also provided in the directions for the Individual Support Grant application.

No. Because of the number of applications we receive each year for the Individual Support program, we ask that applicants submit only what is requested. Supplementary materials, including catalogues, brochures, reviews, press materials, and other forms of documentation will not be reviewed by the panel and should not be submitted.

Each year, the Foundation selects a group of 5 artists and other art professionals, who are not affiliated with the Foundation, to serve as advisors to this program. The advisors acting as a group choose the recipients of this grant program.

The entire group of panelists changes each year.


Tax Returns

One of the most common mistakes is submitting a partial tax return, which is missing schedules or has incomplete schedules. Please do not send in only the first page of the 1040 or only the Schedule C. All pages and all schedules must be submitted. Even if your federal tax return including all schedules and worksheets amounts to as many pages as forty, for example, please submit all forty pages.

Please do not send a transcript of what was filed, a Notice of Assessment, or other notice of filing, as this does not fulfill the requirement for this program. Those documents are merely verifications that a tax return was filed, but are insufficient for the purposes of this grant program as they do not include the required financial information. We require a complete copy of what was filed with the tax authorities.

Submitting anything less than a complete tax return will result in the application being considered incomplete, and therefore ineligible for review. We require that all documentation be submitted in English. For International applicants, tax returns that are not in English must be translated into English. Please include a complete and separate line by line translation with the original documents. Submitting only the original without the translation, or the translation without the original, will render these applications incomplete and therefore ineligible for review.


.jpeg Images & Image List

Jpeg images of the applicant’s work should be saved according to the detailed instructions on the application. An accompanying image list must also be submitted. Applications may be considered incomplete if image list does not include:

- The artist’s name at the top and for each work, numbered 1 through 40
- The media, dimensions, and year of each work.
- Images must be numbered and arranged chronologically from earliest to most recent.

As this program is for artists who have worked for at least 20 years in a mature phase of their art, and the review panel relies on the visual documentation to make determinations about maturity, the images submitted must go back a minimum of 20 years. 

As an example, as this is the 2018 grant cycle, submitted images must begin in 1998 or earlier.  An applicant who sends in images of work beginning in the year 2001, for example, would not be eligible for review.

When in doubt about any of the requirements, please contact the Foundation for further information and clarification.



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We ask applicants to stay within the guidelines of the 3 page narrative. 10,000 characters is actually slightly more than 3 pages. As we have set the parameters to only allow 10000 characters, applicants will not be able to send more than this maximum number of characters. The statement should be written in full narrative prose. A curriculum vitae, exhibition résumé or point form is not sufficient and will not fulfill this requirement. Most applicants use the narrative statement to introduce their art and their career to the review panel, highlight exhibition and career achievements, and discuss the development and key issues in their work.

The final reviews occur in late March or early April. Applicants are notified by mail and email usually in mid April.

Typically, final decisions are announced in mid-April.

For the purposes of this grant program, we consider overall household income and a joint return is acceptable. In the event that an applicant files a separate tax return from his/her spouse or domestic partner, we will also require a copy of the spouse’s or domestic partner’s tax return.

We recognize that it is not always possible to submit a copy of the most recent tax forms. Alternative documentation may be submitted in lieu of a tax return. However, applicants must check directly with and receive permission from the Foundation as to what alternative documentation is acceptable. Applicants who fail to submit the requested forms of financial documentation will not be eligible for review.

The Foundation does not consider requests for funding of educational purposes.



ISSUE. When I attempt to log in to the online application form, it says "The email address or password you have entered is incorrect. Please retype them, or register if you have not created an account." But I am entering my e-mail and password correctly.

SOLUTION. The quickest way to get around this problem is to re-set your password. Simply click the blue "Forgot your password?" directly below the password field. This will open a box prompting you to type in your e-mail. Once you do this, click "Send Reset Link." The system will send further instructions to the e-mail that you entered.



Make sure all questions marked with an asterix are answered.

Double check your images. Make sure you have uploaded images in order and sequentially, and have not skipped an upload button. Applicants must submit an image in each image upload area, from image 1 – 25. 



ISSUE: I am trying to fill out the financial form of the application, and am entering a zero in a field in which I do not have income. It won’t let me submit my form, and tells me those income fields are empty.

SOLUTION: Try entering 0.00 instead of a single zero (0) for these fields.

ISSUE: I have created an account and want to start my application, I see something at the top regarding an access code. How do I get an access code?

SOLUTION: You do not need an access code to apply to the 2016 Individual Support grant program. Please ignore this and simply click on the title of the application for which you want to apply and you will be directed to the application form.